Revision date: 2017-1-2

The objective of TALLERES GAMOR, S.L. It is to reach a degree of Competitiveness that guarantees the Profitability of the Company. We understand that it is essential to satisfy the customer, meet their most demanding expectations and needs. We opt for Quality as a determining element of adequate Business Management that leads to the achievement of these objectives.

TALLERES GAMOR, S.L. It is committed to compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, as well as to the CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT of the entire organization. We recognize that our most important resource is the People and the importance of the tasks they perform to achieve a quality service. Therefore, in this Quality Project we want to integrate, involve and work in a team, with all the people of TALLERES GAMOR, S.L. and also with Suppliers and Customers.

We define the Training and Qualification of personnel as a basic operational instrument in matters of Quality. We have material means and technical documentation appropriate to the work we perform and compatible with the technologies and the required Quality levels. We will annually identify internal and external stakeholders, as well as their needs and expectations.

In addition, we will manage risks and opportunities, establishing the necessary improvement actions to minimize the former and take advantage of the latter. For all this we have documented and implemented a Quality System in accordance with the requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 standard, focused on Continuous Improvement and that is known, understood and applied by each and every one of the people who integrate WORKSHOPS GAMOR, SL Objectives will be established that will be reviewed annually together with the Quality Policy.

The achievement of these objectives is everyone’s responsibility, being necessary the participation and collaboration of all the staff of TALLERES GAMOR, S.L., for which, the Company Management disseminates the established Quality Policy.