Talleres GAMOR, S.L. offers to its clients  products of contrasted quality and precision all over the world.

Located in the region of the river Oria, in the village Asteasu (Guipúzcoa), flanked by mountains in the valley of the prior river mouth, the company Talleres GAMOR, S.L. managed to adapt itself to the changes that the metal mechanic industry experienced within the last 35 years.
What began as small company created by its founder Angel Benito, dedicated exclusively to the manufacturing of jaws for chucks, grew and expanded all over the national market, and became the modern, agile and effective company it is today.

The internal organization of Talleres GAMOR, S.L. is divided in two work areas

MACHINERY DIVISION, composed by 4 product families.

  • Hydraulic tapping machines: World market leader in speed, power, precision and capacity.

  • Air driven tapping machines: For simple tapping and economic purchase solution.

  • Portable Drill Grinding Machines: For helical drills in Super High Speed Steel and in Hard Metal.

  • Belt deeding machine: Rough edge elimination machine. The ideal solution for the elimination of flashes and edges in mechanized pieces.

DIVISION OF ACCESSORIES FOR MOORING, composed by 4 product families.

  • Jaws for mooring: National market leader in the manufacturing of soft, hard and special designed jaws for all the brands of manual, hydraulic and pneumatic chucks used on the European market.

  • Mooring Ts: Ts of great resistance for all brands of hydraulic and pneumatic chucks.

  • BISON chucks: Exclusive national distributor of the famous BISON chucks. Sharpshooting brand thanks to the quality of its products.

  • BISON Live centres: The ideal complementary for BISON chucks.

Why Gamor?:

The more rapid threading both centering the execution of threads, countersunk, etc.

Tapping able m130 thread from m3 to, for any type of material.

The highest accuracy achieved in threaded screw machines.

Capable of threading threading from aluminum, even higher strength steels.

Low male break, thanks to its linear damping system, Intregrated in his head.

Due to the threader arm design, made from the 1st to the last thread with the same ease and minimum effort.

To work with multiple tools (males, dies, dies, countersinks, etc.).

The largest and most comprehensive facilities in screw machines.